Hello, we are so glad you are here. We thought you’d like to know a bit more about us.

We created WUT, standing for “What you think” to change the way we approach news.

After recent major events in the world (Brexit vote, Trump election…) we noticed a lot of people around us got very annoyed because they couldn’t find out what people were thinking, before the results of those votes. 

We tried to understand why such situations happen. We came to the conclusion this was due to two factors: the social bubbles we are now living in, and main media filter. But what does it mean?

We define those 2 factors as below:

  •      A Social bubble is being surrounded only by people sharing your views (Real life, social media)
  •      Media filtering is the fact that Media  are altering reality according to their opinion, political views etc…

So, what is WuT bringing?

it’s a social platform, where you can generate content by either posting videos of you, telling us your views on a news related event affecting you, or, by simply providing an “agreement rate” to an opinion expressed in a video on the website.

Basically, it’s a live survey on people’s opinion. Don’t get us wrong, this is not to judge an idea. As long as your idea is respectful, you should be allowed to express it.

This will help you, and other users, to discover views outside your social bubble, and to which extent this idea is shared. That last aspect is very important, people agreeing with the video are not rating the idea, but allowing us all to understand if a specific idea is widely shared.

Let’s say, before brexit, it would have been good to have British people telling us directly what they were thinking, but also to what extent the support for Brexit was spread. No judgement, just a better understanding!

Hope you like the concept, please, do not hesitate to share your opinion on our concept with us by completing our survey or getting in touch directly with us.

And last, but not least, do share us on social media, because the more diverse we are, the better this will be!

Stay tuned.

Wut team